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Having Credit Accounts represents 10% of your Credit Scores! 
The "Total Accounts" or "Account Mix" category of your Credit Scores represents 10% of your Credit Scores! Here, the best brackets which are the "good" and "excellent" brackets start at a minimum # of 11 Credit Accounts! A Credit Account is any Credit Card, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage Loan, Secured Card and even Department Store card! Start adding Credit Accounts today! 
Credit Utilization over 30%? 
"Utilization" or "credit card use" represents 30% of your credit scores. If the utilization of your credit balances is over 30% this will have a dramatic negative impact on your credit scores. One of the best tricks in the credit world is to pay down your credit card or revolving balances with a personal loan. A personal loan is an installment loan and here there is no "utilization". Also, personal loans usually have fixed rates and often lower interest rates than credit cards thus much less interest is paid over the life of the loan. Head to our Personal Loan Finder to check your rate!
What makes up your Credit Score?  
Payment History - Category where your on time payments are tracked. The worst bracket here is an average of 97% or less on time payments so its imperative to make all payments on time!
Amounts Owed - This is "utilization" or "credit card use", any utilization over 30% dramatically affects your scores.
Length of Credit History - You have no control of this category, it is the average length of all credit accounts, so its helpful to not close old credit accounts!
New Credit - Category that factors in frequency of new accounts being attempted or opened. Too many attempted(hard inquiries) or opened is negative.
Types of Credit - "Total Accounts" or "Account Mix" category, # of accounts for the good bracket start at 11. "Account Mix" is a mixture of credit accounts(credit card, personal loan, auto loan, mortgage). 

Elizabeth Merryman says:

I worked with QuickApply to find the best balance transfer card and I was approved for and recently received a Discover card with 0% APR balance transfers for 18 months + 0% on purchases for 18 months and no annual fee!

Myron Spence says:

While working with QuickApply I was able to get my credit scores up 45 points and discovered the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite; I got a $17,500 credit line, 0% balance transfer for 12 months, 60,000 sign up bonus points, 2X rewards on all purchases unlimited, and no annual fee for the first year! Now I am transferring balances, getting more credit cards and living credit card points life. I would have never discovered all of this without!

Mr. and Mrs. Jernigan say: helped us save thousands of dollars per year on our credit card interest charges. Just by taking the action of going to to compare multiple cards we have saved thousands of dollars every year. I am now using to optimize all of my monthly household finances. I had no idea it was this easy to save so much money. has processed 1,000,000 mortgage applications and we share all of the secrets from the Lenders! To apply for the right credit card just select your credit rank according to your best guess and then choose the card which appeals to you most! If you don't already have 11 or more credit accounts it will help your credit scores if you start to add credit accounts!

 Start Improving your financial destiny today and get a Credit Card! specializes in helping consumers with personal financial products such as credit cards, personal loans, home loans, insurance, auto loans, credit education, rewards lifestyle education, and assisting with credit improvement. At our #1 goal is empowering our customers! We do this by making our financial service provider marketplace technology open to consumers, assisting them in saving money and educating them on elevating their credit situation. We connect consumers to our vast database of reputable financial service providers according to the consumer information provided.

We work with the nation's most reputable financial service providers to provide the best options and we offer nationwide coverage so we can help every American possible. is not a lender and does not loan money. 
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